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Monday Night Combat [REVIEW]

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Monday Night Combat: released January 24th, 2011
Developer: Uber Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Xbox Live Arcade

If I were forced to describe Monday Night Combat in one sentence, it would read something like, “It’s as if Team Fortress 2 and Defense of the Ancients had a baby, and all of that baby’s friends growing up were tower defense games, and despite the crazy mish-mash of cultures, that baby still grew up to be a perfectly adjusted member of society, and in fact excelled at whatever it put it’s mind to!” Okay, yes, that’s a helluva sentence, but it seems somehow appropriate considering that Monday Night Combat is one helluva game. Competitive shooters are a pretty tough nut to crack, so it’s understandable that developers would want to do whatever they can to differentiate their title from the pack, but blending a competitive classed based shooter, with tower defense, and DotA? As insane as it sounds, that’s exactly what Uber Entertainment have done here, and it works amazingly well!

The basic gist of the game is that it’s some kind of futuristic bloodsport tv show. Games are played in huge, packed stadium arenas, there are announcers, mascots, sponsors, and of course there’s Pit Girl, who is the game’s token eye candy/cheerleader. There are two notably different modes of play to choose from, those being Blitz, which is the game’s dedicated tower defense mode, and then the meat of the experience which is Crossfire, Monday Night Combat’s shooter-DotA hybrid mode. Read more…


Defender’s Quest [REVIEW]

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Defender’s Quest: released January 20th, 2012
Developer: Level Up Labs
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

It never ceases to amaze me how indie developers continue to push tower defense games in new and interesting directions so frequently. Many old school genres such as platformers and shmups, have enjoyed a pretty notable resurgence in recent years, almost entirely thanks to the indie scene. Tower defense games on the other hand, are a genre that have just about always thrived exclusively at the hands of indie developers. Most recently it’s become quite popular to take the core mechanics of a tower defense game, and blend them with a totally different style of game. Sanctum and Monday Night Combat did it with shooter mechanics, Dungeon Defenders and Orcs Must Die! did it with action RPG mechanics, and Defender’s Quest goes an entirely different route, choosing to blend tower defense, with traditional, story driven JRPG mechanics.

At this point I’m beginning to wonder if tower defense isn’t just some kind of all encompassing super-genre that manages to blend well with any type of game. Each time one of these hybrids is released, I smack myself on the forehead and wonder how nobody had ever thought to do it before. Having now sunk the past couple days in to the extremely addictive Defender’s Quest, I once again find myself wondering, how the hell has nobody ever thought to do this before?! Read more…

Dungeon Defenders [REVIEW]

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Dungeon Defenders: Released October 19th, 2011
Developer: Trendy Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network

Every once in awhile we happen across games that completely catch us by surprise. Maybe it was a game we’d never heard of before and just happened to see at a buddy’s house, or maybe it was something we expected to have a little mild fun with, only to have it turn around and absolutely shatter our expectations. Regardless of what events lead us to finding these titles, I think we can all agree that it’s a pretty magical experience when we do, and having just finished almost an entire day straight of playing Dungeon Defenders, I can honestly say that this game had me utterly enchanted.

Dungeon Defenders takes two of my favorite (and most addicting) genres, Tower Defense and the Action RPG, and smacks them together into sweet, sweet harmony. Tower Defense games are an unhealthy habit for me, as I tend to love them just a little too much, but when a developer successfully marries Tower D. to another of my favorite genres, I just lose it. It’s a rare occurrence, only ever notably happening in games like Sanctum and to a lesser extent, Monday Night Combat. Indie developers have always been inextricably drawn to the genre of defending towers, so it seems appropriate that they seem to be the ones to really push the genre in new directions, first with those previously mentioned titles, and now with this game. Read more…