Game Index

Welcome to the Game Index!

In an attempt to give readers as many options as possible when searching for games, I’ve created an alternative to the image based gallery browsers here, in the form of a text listing!

Any game covered on Indie Fortress will be listed here, including preview builds. When you click on a game you will be taken to the most recent write-up for that game, whether that’s a preview or a review. Hopefully this helps make browsing a little more convenient!

Asteroids Do Concern Me [XBL]

Cosmic Caverns [XBL]

Cute Things Dying Violently [XBL]

Defender’s Quest [TOP PICK] [PC]

Dungeon Defenders [TOP PICK] [PC] [XBL] [PSN]

Dustforce [TOP PICK] [PC]

Escape Goat [XBL]

Frozen Synapse [TOP PICK] [PC]

Groov [XBL]

Hero Core [FREE] [PC]

The Impossible Game [XBL]

Knytt Stories [FREE] [PC]

Monday Night Combat [TOP PICK] [PC] [XBL]

Nitronic Rush [FREE] [TOP PICK] [PC]

Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns [FREE] [PC]

Owlboy [PC]

Path of Exile [FREE] [PC]

Saira [PC]

Soulcaster I & II [PC] [XBL]

Super Monday Night Combat [FREE] [PC]

Tribes: Ascend [FREE][PC]

Vorpal [XBL]

 –Wrapple [FREE] [PC]

Zeboyd Games Double Pack (Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII) [PC] [XBL]

Zombie Estate [XBL]

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