Free Games

Indie gaming is home to some really fun, unique stuff, made by people who love to create fun and unique things. These awesome people generally are not associated with any big name publishers of any kind, so they have the ability to offer their games up for whatever price point they see fit. Sometimes, these awesome people are so awesome, they even decide to just give the things they create away for FREE!

During the course of my reviews, given the nature of indie games, I’m highly likely to run in to quite a few of these free titles, and for those of you who can’t really afford to be spending your income on games at the moment, I thought I’d throw together a page just for you!

Any games I cover that can be legally downloaded for zero cents to the dollar will be listed in this section. Chances are they’re all going to be PC games of course, so if you’re a console gamer, I wouldn’t hold my breath to find much of anything in here.

This page will definitely see quite a bit of growth though as I have a pretty good number of free titles in mind that I’d like to review, so keep an eye out!

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