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Breath of Death VII/Cthulhu Saves the World Double Pack [REVIEW]

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Breath of Death VII: released April 22nd, 2010
Cthulhu Saves the World: released December 30th, 2010
Developer: Zeboyd Games
Platforms: Windows, Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace

For my first review, I’m gonna go ahead and hit up a pair of indie game staples. Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World are, in my experience, two of the most well known indie games around. With the exception of a few special cases, most indie titles seem to have one foot in the grave before they’re even released. Indie game developers need to fight extra hard to even get their games noticed, but Zeboyd Games spit on the odds and got it done anyways. They have been showered with praise by numerous websites, at least one print publication, and have had their games trumpeted around various forums across the internet by fans who are dying to share their love of these games.

BoDVII and CStW are unique, in that they’re not just traditional JRPGs, they’re comedy JRPGs. In Breath of Death alone you’ll find references to the Resident Evil, Fallout, and Castlevania series’, amongst countless others. Not to mention the way these games lovingly poke fun at their forefathers by touching on various JRPG stereotypes. I’ll start, with Breath of Death VII.

The first of Zeboyd’s traditional JRPG throwback titles, BoDVII doesn’t just parody it’s predecessors, it outright takes jabs at the ridiculousness of them. Whether it’s the main character rolling his metaphorical eyes (he’s a skeleton) when his companion attempts to explain how stats work, or the narrator chiming in when you reach the obligatory sewers level, explaining that RPGs are “legally obligated” to include them, there are jabs to be had around every corner. One of my favorites is when you climb some stairs to the second floor of a house, and through the open roof you see a treasure chest on the other side of a wall. As you investigate, the game informs you that: “Somehow you know there’s a treasure chest on the other side of this wall. Too bad you’ll never get it.” Classy. Read more…


About The Indie Fortress

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

As far as my online presence is concerned, my name is Dante2k4, and this site, The Indie Fortress, has been created as a way to promote the indie gaming scene.

The goal of Indie Fortress is to provide a database of quality indie titles for people to refer to. Whether you want to find something off the beaten path, or perhaps just introduce a newcomer to the world of indies, I hope to present a great resource to anybody looking for quality indie games. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you will find every quality indie title ever created mentioned on this site. I am only one person and there’s only so much I can cover.

That being said, I wholeheartedly believe that there is an amazingly under appreciated world of games out there that people need to be made aware of, and I will do my best to help bring them in to the light. Any game featured on Indie Fortress is a title that I personally have experienced and will vouch for. I want to spotlight games that people will genuinely want to play. If you come to this page looking for great indie games to check out, that’s what I want to give you. You could write enough books about all of the bad indie games out there to fill a library (for there are oh so many), so I’d like to just keep the focus primarily on the good that indie gaming has to offer.

Fair warning: I will be eschewing the oft employed numbering system that many reviewers tend to use. I’ve been reading reviews at various popular gaming websites since the late 90’s, and I’ve come to believe that numbered scores don’t always reflect how the reviewer actually felt. So in light of this, I’m doing away with that system altogether. When read reviews, I don’t read them just to get the score at the end, I read them to hear what the reviewer actually thought about the game, and hear actual examples to back up these thoughts. I want to be told about a game, not given an arbitrary number that stands for some predetermined level of worth. A number isn’t going to tell me why a reviewer liked or disliked a game, and I certainly won’t be able to tell whether or not it sounds like something interesting or something that I’d enjoy just based on the number at the end of the review. Everybody has different tastes, and these reviews are meant to be read, so no number scores. Just read what I say and if it sounds interesting, check it out.

Thanks for reading! I hope I can help someone out there find a new game to play that they otherwise wouldn’t have ever heard about!

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